Rand Corporation

Language Insight have worked on complex translations for the European Union website through the Rand Corporation since 2013. 

We have shown our ability to handle EU specialised source texts no matter how complex the wording and sentence structure, providing regular translations and proofreading from English into French and German and vice versa, and making consistency one of our key priorities to remain faithful to previously published translations and materials.


– High volumes of consistent translation needed in a short timeline.
– Client approval needed on all linguists before they work on translations.
– Extensive experience in the EU field necessary due to challenging content.
– Consistency with all anterior target text is a must, as the new translated text appears on official websites alongside previous content.


Language Insight have an extensive network of specialist EU translators who are experts in their field.
Where style is crucial, we allow our clients to select their preferred translator pool.
Our translators must have 3+ years in the EU translation field in addition to completing our rigorous recruitment process.
Extensive glossaries and style guides have been built in each language in addition to using a consistent pool of linguists.


We’re able to provide industry specific, quality translations in challenging time frames.
Our clients can always be sure that the style of the translations are what they have come to expect, retaining complete control over the final product.
Our translations are fit for purpose and therefore engage the audience the text is addressed toward.
The translations we produce are consistent and flow from article to article, even if they have been completed years apart.