Medical, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Sound & solid understanding

A sound and solid understanding of medical terminology is a prerequisite for our linguists in this sector. And we only work with medical translators and interpreters who have professional experience of the practice. But we think it’s our team’s passion for the subject that means we’re trusted by some of the world’s biggest medical and pharmaceutical companies. We take the industry as seriously as you do and realise that a highly skilled translator or live medical interpreter can make all the difference in critical situations.

“Having worked with Language Insight, I can confidently say I have no interest in using anyone else. Where many companies would base decisions on using one service over another mainly on costs, experience is my main determinant. Language Insight is fast, problem-free and very eager to help their clients. Their flexibility and knowledgeable staff are a bright example of exactly how any company looking to work in this field should learn. However, why bother with upstarts when the original is perfect?”

B.J. Kirchner, Just Worldwide Ltd

How we can help you

Our medical and pharmaceutical translators are experienced at dealing with a wide variety of scenarios – from clinical trials, out-patient interviews, to accidents and emergencies, as well as translating many different documents and text – these include data sheets, informed consent forms, and package inserts and labels. Our medical translators also understand and keep up to date with regulatory laws and quality controls that operate in different countries.

Guaranteed data security

We believe it’s our committed customer focus that keeps our clients returning, as well as our sound experience of the sector. Your confidentiality and data security is paramount, which is why all documents are protected through our Secure Client Portal.

Our in-house project management team are always on hand to answer any queries or concerns you have and our ISO 9001 accreditation guarantees the standards of our rigorous quality assurance process. And each translator signs a confidentiality agreement before they embark on any project.

Some of our end clients include