How website translation will help your business grow

09/03/2017 | Rachel Hurley

If you have a website to sell your products and services, is it only in English? If you want to attract customers from other countries, you will require high quality website translation into other languages. A translation company can help you to find translators from many different countries.

It will also attract consumers that already live in the UK, but maybe don’t speak or read English very well. This also applies if you’re dealing with the United States. For example, the second most spoken language in America is Spanish, so it makes sense to have your website translated into Spanish if you are dealing with customers from the U.S.

Look at your Customers

Firstly, you need to look at the customers you already have and try to assess their cultural background. According to the Statista website, Polish is the second largest language spoken in the UK, after English, Punjabi, Urdu and Bengali.


Studies show that most consumers only buy from websites that they can understand properly and this means that they buy from a website they read in their own language. In a survey by the Common Sense Advisory in America, it was found that 40% of consumers refused to buy products from a website that wasn’t in their own language.

Your Budget

Not every company has the money to translate a website into a lot of languages and that’s why it’s important to know who your customers are and what language they speak. For example, if you see that your customers are Polish, then translating your website into Polish may well attract more Polish customers from the UK and abroad. If you are targeting French or German speakers, then use your budget for French or German translations.

Adapt your Website

Make sure when you translate your website that you look at localisation too. This means that you should adapt your content to fit in with the culture and traditions of your target audience. This also applies to your website design, including images.  For example, in some countries the Thumbs Up sign, which is perfectly acceptable in the UK, might be considered rude in another country. Therefore, if you have an image showing this sign, it will need to be removed and replaced by something more appropriate.

Here at Language Insight we can help you with your website translation and localisation here. If you want to find out more contact us here.


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