How translation services can help your business go global

11/07/2018 | Rebecca Twose

The decision to go global with your business can be a difficult decision, especially if you have a small-medium sized enterprise. It may seem like you don’t have enough resources to expand to a global audience and communicate in an effective way but businesses with some online presence can make an impact abroad simply by building on their existing marketing efforts.

In 2017, 54.4 % of the world’s population used the internet. Therefore, a good start to a business’s global efforts is to translate their existing website, marketing materials, and other content into different languages to create a solid foundation within the target market.

It is important that your business’ content is translated professionally in order to avoid mistakes being made that could tarnish your reputation overseas. By using a trusted translation service the quality of your translation is guaranteed to improve your communication, personalise your marketing campaigns and help you reach a wider client base.

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Crystal clear communication

Translation services are the link between businesses and their clients overseas. By investing in translation services, your communication with existing and potential foreign clients will be crystal clear, ensuring the information they receive is accurate, relevant and reflective of your business’s values and brand messages.

Content should be translated and localised for your chosen audience so that the meaning behind the words is correct. By doing this, you are able to break down the language barrier and speak directly with your target market in a way that is culturally respectful and familiar to the audience.

Personalised marketing

Implementing an international marketing strategy that is correctly translated and localised is going to give you great leverage for expanding your business presence. The combined use of multilingual SEO and website translation will form the foundations of your marketing efforts and increase your potential to rank highly in the different search engines of your target country.

When it comes to the search engine optimisation it is crucial to have keywords that are specifically localised to that country. Many businesses’ think they can just use machine translation, like Google Translate, to localise their website content and SEO keywords but don’t recognise that a keyword that may be highly searched for in one country, may not be in another.

By professionally localising your international marketing material, your content will be accurate, and optimised, giving you the required tools to boost traffic to your website and increase brand awareness and engagement.

Client expansion

Professional translation services not only translate your content but also localise it to fit your target market. By localising your content to a specific audience, there is a greater chance of your content being noticed by your potential foreign clients. Perfectly delivering the right message in your own language can sometimes be challenging. To communicate effectively in a foreign language, you need a multilingual translation partner you can rely on to help you bridge the language and cultural barriers between you and your customers.

Localisation goes one step further than translation by tailoring your content to a specific market. It’s not only text that might need adapting to another market, images and fonts may not be appropriate and may need to be altered. Our localisation teams will advise you on what should be changed to avoid offending your customers in another country.

Overall, professional translation services help you reach a wider market, increase engagement in new territories, generate brand awareness and improve search engine rankings in your chosen country. When your business is expanding internationally it is key that your marketing efforts provide clear communications and brand messaging to enable your business to drive sales and lasting customer relationships.

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