How to ensure your Market Research projects succeed in Q4

14/10/2019 | Marketing Team
Market Research

Quarter 4 is well underway and this sees a very busy time of year for our clients, especially for those in the market research sector.

Understandably, businesses are pushed and challenged to their limits, with many last minute requests from clients and many large-scale projects getting the go-ahead. How can you ensure the most successful completion of these projects when everyone is being pulled in every direction?

To help these projects move smoothly, planning is key! We know that’s easier said than done and understand that things can change at last minute, but here are some top tips for a smoother year…

Forward planning

Forward planning

If you have a plan of new work at the start of the year, share this with your Language Service Provider (LSP) so that they can make a note of the work and when they should expect it to come in.

Our busy times come in waves too, with Easter and Q4 being the busiest and summer tending to be a little quieter, so if you can plan your projects, do. Similarly, many clients want to launch new products or surveys at set times of the year. If you have a deadline in mind, share this with us as soon as you know it, allowing us to be prepared too.

We don’t want to disappoint you by not being able to fit your project in, so getting it booked in as soon as possible ensures we’ve got the resources secured.

Market Research translation

Communication is key

It is vital that you keep your LSP in the loop. If you’re bidding for work, let your LSP know, along with expected timeframes. It doesn’t matter if you don’t win the work, it’s easier for us to set resources aside in expectation. Speaking with us during this process also allows you to set expectations with potential clients.

Let your LSP know what markets the projects will be in as soon as possible; with changes in trends, one market can be in high demand quickly and your LSP will need to ensure there are ample linguists on hand for the projects.

We know that deadlines slip and that’s okay. We understand that nothing is in concrete, but we do need to know how fixed your deadlines are so we can assess if we are able to fit them into our schedule. We always give our best deadlines and wouldn’t want to let you down, so knowing this enables us to be realistic. Trust that we have your best interests at heart and will give the best advice we can.


We’ll work our magic, but we’re not magicians

We all know that deadlines for many market research projects are pushed and a small change in a deadline may not seem to have much impact, but imagine what it’s like for your LSP when 7 projects are all pushed into the same 2-week deadline.

As things change, as bids are won or lost, please keep your LSP updated so they’re on the same page.

Adding more translators into the pot isn’t going to produce the work faster; the more people working on a file, the more inconsistent it becomes in terms of style and terminology, and therefore the more the proofreader has to correct, which means the translation process takes up more time.

Similarly, throwing more money at a project also doesn’t make it faster. We will never compromise on quality and this is factored into our timings. We are realistic, 25,000 words in 2 days is not going to happen. Listen and trust what your project manager says about deadlines and take their advice on board, they are experts in their fields and have lots of experience dealing with complex projects.

It is safe to say we are well into this busy time of the year, so if you have projects due in this season and you haven’t lined up your Language Service Provider yet, then don’t delay, book your market research projects in TODAY.

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