Rugby World Cup 2015

Following a successful bid and presentation at the Twickenham ground, we were selected as the language partner of choice for the Rugby World Cup 2015.

Our translation and interpreting skills were in demand and included:

  • Translation and proofreading of speeches for the opening ceremony.
  • Attending and interpreting at disciplinary hearings with non‑English speaking players.
  • Constant monitoring of games to predict when interpreters would be required.


  • Confidentiality was key due to the high‑profile nature of the assignment.
  • Interpreters needed extensive knowledge of rugby (rules, regulations, terminology, etc.) and experience of legal and other similar sport hearings.
  • Notification of a hearing would often be given at short notice due to the World Rugby disciplinary framework, meaning our interpreters had to be on hand for a high‑profile hearing with less than a day’s notice and work with relatively little information relating to the hearing until they received the briefing document upon arrival at the venue.


  • Language Insight required all linguists to sign legally‑binding non‑disclosure agreements. We also re‑affirmed how crucial confidentiality is before each requirement went ahead, only using linguists with an extensive track record in similar high‑profile hearings.
  • Understanding of rugby terminology was crucial for this contract, therefore all interpreters working on this assignment had to demonstrate their knowledge and experience in this area prior to the event taking place.
  • Language Insight pre‑screened a number of interpreters per language prior to the event and monitored each match in order to foresee where a hearing might be called and provisionally book linguists ahead of time.


  • The client could trust our professionalism and integrity, leading to peace of mind throughout the event and onwards.
  • Our professional linguists truly understood the requirements and terminology and were able to fully prepare after only a few hours with the relevant materials, ensuring each hearing ran smoothly.
  • Language Insight were ahead of the curve, giving us the ability to source from our pre‑approved teams of specialist, rugby‑fanatic linguists at extremely short notice.

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