Market Research Transcription Services

Our Market Research transcription services are used widely within the industry, whether that be for one-to-ones or focus groups.

Our expertise as a Language Service Provider means we not only transcribe English data but also from and into multiple languages.

Transcription that provides valuable insights

Working in all languages, our transcription services transform your audio data into a format that is ready to be analysed following your specifications.

Our dedicated teams of qualified, native transcribers are experts in the subject matters they transcribe. Navigating everything from strong accents to industry‑specific terminology, our linguists listen to your files with finely‑tuned ears and ensure all required aspects of the dialogue are recorded in the written transcript.

Before the files are returned to you, our dedicated proofreaders review the completed transcripts and, as part of our dedication to quality, all transcripts are put through our quality assurance checks, in line with our ISO 9001 accreditation.

We understand the importance of having an accurate transcript and that’s why we always tailor our services according to what you need.

Market Research transcription projects we've worked on:

American technology company
Toothpaste manufacturer end client
Marketing company logo
Retail sector end client logo
Retail sector end client logo
Drink manufacturer end client
Retail sector end client logo
Mattress retailer end client
Tourism end client logo
Tourism end client logo
Market Research company logo
Market Research Company logo
Market Research company end client
Media and entertainment sector end client

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