Taking your PPC campaigns international, our PPC translation service
enables you to attract international customers through fully‑optimised pay‑per‑click.

Keeping it local to take your business international

Google and Bing are big players in the UK, but as with many technology choices, the range of search engine differs from country to country.

In China, Baidu is the most used search engine and Yandex is a popular choice in Russia. For many UK users, these names will be unfamiliar and the worry is there – how can you begin to approach new clients in these countries?

For many marketing departments or agencies, Google AdWords and Bing Ads are well‑used tools in marketing strategies. However, does your agency know how to research the best terms for you to use when your company expands overseas? What does that mean for your multilingual pay‑per‑click (PPC) campaigns?


That’s where we come in. With our PPC translation service, you benefit from our local knowledge, experience and insights.

Collaborating with your marketing agency, our multilingual digital teams can advise you on well‑researched and locally‑searched terms to use in the PPC campaigns, while our translation, localisation and content creation teams can prepare copy in that language, using the selected key terms and respecting any character limitations.

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Language Insight Quality Assurance

Don’t approach all markets at once.

Be methodical and dedicate enough time
and resources to each market individually.


Are you targeting global or local search engines?


What will the user see when they click the advert – is it enough to convince them to become a buyer?


Are your adverts relevant to your audience?


What keywords are actually being searched by internet users?