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Our social media localisation services enable you and your business
to engage with audiences on a global scale in multiple languages.

Pay attention to your multilingual social media campaigns

As social media provides an important link between companies and their customers, translating social media feeds seems like a logical next step.

However, there are a few things to consider before jumping head first into the translation:

  • How does your company currently respond to comments and complaints on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?
  • What would happen if your posts were in another language?
  • Would your staff or marketing agency be able to manage these accounts and timely responses?

Which markets?

Multilingual social media marketing is a big investment, so you should only target audiences in countries where you wish to build your presence or you already have an established customer base.

Keep language accounts separate

Don’t annoy your English‑speaking followers by sending out posts in multiple languages from your English account – set up an account per language and keep the posts and languages separate.

Remember the hashtags

Translate hashtags and keywords. Very few global campaigns have English‑only hashtags; the majority have translated hashtags that are culturally appropriate for the language.

Pick the right platforms

Social media is used differently across the world. In Italy, more people use Google+ than Twitter, while in China, WeChat, which is similar to Twitter, is the go‑to platform for many businesses.

Ask us for advice

Our multilingual digital teams are ready to help you at all stages of the social media translation process, from advising you on which platforms to use for each country to localising your multilingual social media campaigns.

Contact our digital teams today to see how our social media translation and localisation service can benefit you and your business.

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