Banking, Finance & Insurance

You can bank on our banking, finance & insurance language services
as they are ISO certified, accurate, securely handled and high quality.

Industry expertise and experience

Our teams of in‑house and in‑country linguists are experienced finance and insurance translators, with an in‑depth knowledge of the sector.

Their expertise and experience, combined with our highly‑trained project managers, means you can trust us to efficiently handle your technical and complex projects.

Take stock of our services

Some of the documents we translate in the finance, banking and insurance sectors include:

  • Annual reports
  • Fund fact sheets
  • Investment portfolios
  • Claims documents
  • Insurance policy brochures

We tailor our services to our clients and have a proven track record of delivering projects on time and on budget. This, combined with our extensive range of services, is why we are trusted by clients within the finance and insurance sector.

Safe and secure

Our commitment to data confidentiality and security has been proven by being awarded the internationally‑recognised ISO 27001 for Information Security Management.

Using the same system as many financial institutions, we are the only users of our dedicated fibre leased broadband line, meaning secure data transfer is guaranteed at all times.

All our clients can access our secure client portal at any time of the day or night, which is secured with https protocols and high‑grade 256‑bit encryption.

Find out more about our commitment to security and the safety of our clients’ data on our security and confidentiality page.

Translation & Localisation

Speak with the world with Language Insight. We translate ideas, not just words, making your messages stand out.

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Helping you to get the most out of your audio recording, our transcription services include audio translation, intelligent or strict verbatim and more.

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Bridge the language barrier and communicate effectively with our range of interpreting services to suit all of your needs.

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Projects we’ve worked on

American Express
Lloyds Bank
Moore and Smalley
Post office
The Co-operative bank