Online Interpreting

Also known as video remote interpreting, our online interpreting services combine face‑to‑face interpreting with the convenience of telephone interpreting. 

Real-time interpreting

By using web‑based video conference software and online video messaging services, our online interpreting services allow interpreters to view the participants in a meeting and follow along with any presentations that are being shown.

Delegates who require language interpretation services dial into the conference via a telephone line or through their computer or mobile device and listen to the linguist as they simultaneously interpret in real-time.

3 benefits of moving online


The interpreter is able to watch what is being shown to the participants at any given time and read facial expressions of the speakers.


The system runs over the internet, meaning a stable connection is more likely when compared with systems using mobile phone signal.


The interpreter can use a headset to listen and speak so they can read any paperwork or navigate around the video conference system.

Specialised sectors

Our clients from many different sectors use our online interpreting services for a range of scenarios including:

  • market research interviews,
  • meetings with solicitors and lawyers,
  • business calls with worldwide customers and employees.

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