Helping you get the most out of your audio recording, our transcription services include audio translation, timestamps, intelligent or strict verbatim and audio dictation typing.

From business meetings to police interviews, we know the importance of having a written record. Whatever the situation may be, our teams of transcribers work from your audio and video recordings to prepare an accurate transcript for you according to your specifications, in any language or from any language into English.

With over 10 years of experience providing high-quality transcription services, we help you get the most out of your audio recording. Our range of transcription services includes timestamps, intelligent transcription or strict verbatim and audio dictation typing. Contact us for more information about our transcription services or for a free quote.

What’s the difference between strict and intelligent verbatim?

In normal conversation, our speech is littered with pauses and filler words such as “umm” and “err”.

Strict verbatim, as required in many legal scenarios, records every spoken word in the transcript including these pauses and hesitations.

In many other situations, intelligent verbatim is the perfect solution. By removing these filler words from the transcript, our transcribers leave you with a clean and easy‑to‑read document.

Following your style and formatting preferences, our transcribers work according to your guidelines regarding respondent anonymity, use of British or American English spelling and any other specifications you may have. We are committed to delivering our clients with accurate, high-quality transcription services that you actually need.

There are many situations in which transcription services are needed for all sorts of businesses, medical agencies, private individuals and organisations in the legal sector. Preparing transcripts in English and other languages and from other languages into English, our teams of transcribers work on a huge variety of recordings, including:

  • Police interviews under caution (IUCs)
  • Training webinars
  • Medical appointments and interviews
  • Market research one‑to‑one and focus group survey interviews
  • Accountant and solicitor letter dictation

With our unparalleled direct approach to audio translation, our transcribers listen to your audio recording in another language and transcribe directly into English, saving you time and money on all your multilingual transcription projects. Contact us now to discuss our transcription services and see how we can help you.

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