How to say ‘I love you’ in 7 different languages

09/02/2021 | Rebecca Twose

Have you ever wanted to say “I love you” in Italian, or maybe French? It’s definitely romantic to tell your loved one that you love them in a foreign language, so here’s how to say “I love you” in 7 different languages just in time for Valentine’s Day!


I love you in French = Je t’aime


I love you in Italian = Ti amo (for that special someone), or Ti voglio bene (for family or friends)


I love you in Spanish = Te quiero (for family and friends), or Te amo (for that special someone)


I love you in German = Ich liebe dich


I love you in Polish = Kocham Cię!


I love you in Mandarin = 我爱你 (Wo ai ni)


I love you in Japanese = 愛してる (Aishiteru)

There you have it: How to say I love you’ in 7 languages. There are lots of languages we haven’t covered in this article, so feel free to comment below with how to say I love you in your language!

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  1. I love you in Bengali-
    আমি তোমাকে ভালোবাসি।

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